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  1. uildvek

    Dual-band router with Tri-band node versus vice versa for AiMesh

    Hey all, I'm looking to get another Asus router to extend my wifi range using AiMesh. I current have the AX58U which is a dual-band router. Ideally both the router and the node would have tri-band, but I would like to keep using my existing router. I did some searching and it seems like most...
  2. R0tten

    Archer AX6000 vs R8000p x6s

    Hi all. I narrowed my choices down to 2 routers that I am interested in. Apart from the marketing, there are a lot of features I find interest in for these. I understand that the archer ax6000 is dual band and the r8000p is tri band? If so, is the x6s tri band router better than the archer...