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    ECB6200 not showing node info

    I recently added two ECB6200s to my home network. While troubleshooting a speed issue - I'm getting around 180Mbps Internet speeds off of devices connected through MoCA, even though I'm getting around 900Mbps from my Nighthawk X10 router - I noticed that I don't see any information displayed...
  2. C

    ecb6200 MOCA Breaks Network, PLEASE HELP!

    I have Comcast Xfinity internet, and want to switch to my own equipment, but have been relying on the xfinity router/modem's built-in MOCA to get internet to my Tivo. I picked up 2 Actiontec ecb6200 adapters, hoping this would do the trick. (btw i am not using any other xfinity equipment, such...