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  1. Z

    Entware Entware update check failed

    same issue as https://www.snbforums.com/threads/updated-busybox-now-i-cant-download-opkg-updates.77827/ fixed by removing entware busybox when trying to update entware through amtm I get this ``` Entware update check failed: bin.entware.net unreachable...
  2. Jay Culley

    Entware broken after reboot on 380.64_2

    I could not find another thread for this so here goes: Entware and most things I install do not work after rebooting running FW 380.64_2. This did not happen on earlier releases of the FW. I have an ARM proc, ASUStek AD5300 with USB 2 thumb drive formatted EXT3. Not doing anything fancy, I...