ethernet dead

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  1. Barddzen

    Builder wired Cat 5e, only 1 of 3 gets an IP

    I purchased a house built ~5 years ago and the builder wired cat5e for land line phones and had RJ11 ports in 3 locations throughout the house. I replaced all of the RJ11 with RJ45 and re-crimped the media panel cables. After labeling everything (locations) I tested each line in each room and...
  2. P

    I'm giving up with Asus

    I've been looking for months for a mesh system I could install in my quite big house. My goal is to set one main router, 2 satellites wired to the router via an ethernet backhaul, and 1 satellite linked over wifi to another unit. I also want my connection to switch to 4G when main wan fails...