exploit kit

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  1. Skeptical.me

    Novice user unsure of what to do about an issue, any advice welcomed.

    Hi, ASUS RT-AC87U WRT-Merlin 384.5 These "attacks" keep happening, I don't really know what they are trying to accomplish, and I have no idea what do about it. Please see the images. Any advice from people who understand this stiff is welcomed, Thanks for your time :-) These are my...
  2. D

    Suspected (DNS) exploit kit on ASUS RT-N66U

    Hi Installed the lastest firmware (380.58) and erased nvram through SSH. nslookups from console does not resolve into expected domains (except for IPv6). For example google.com does not resolve into a 1e100.net domain (which it does outside my network). Tried changing DNS to both and...