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  1. C

    Partgrator – automated data migrations on ext fs corruption

    Tired of having a corrupted USB once in a while after rebooting/powering-off your Asuswrt-Merlin router? Introducing partgrator, a collection of scripts that automate the task of keeping ext filesystems free from corruption caused by forced power-offs and reboots without being safely unmounted...
  2. Zonkd

    Disk formatting

    Questions, answers and insights on the topic of disk formatting and related disk management tasks. A thread started and watched by author of the disk formatting wiki guide. Let me know if you see a mistake in the Wiki and I'll correct it. The old guide I posted in the other thread is no...
  3. K

    Copying files to an ext3 drive, from an NTFS drive. Is it possible?

    Hi, I have Windows 10 Pro -> Asus RT-AC68U -> nvidia shield TV I would like to be able to transfer files from my Windows 10 Pro desktop where I use NTFS, to my USB hard drives that are connected to my Asus RT-AC68U router using NFS, which would require me to format the drives using ext3. I...
  4. B

    Transmission and EXT3

    Hi all A few days ago, I decided I wanted to use my ac68u for using transmission. I installed Merlin and followed the guides for entware and then transmission. Works great so far. Now I have 3 questions, for which I couldn't find real answer in the forum via search: Following the guide, I used...
  5. W

    Extend USB drive partition

    OK, so I just upgraded from a 1TB to a 4TB hard drive on my AC68U. After files simply refused to transfer from one network drive to the other, I just pulled up EaseUS Backup and cloned the 1TB drive to the 4TB drive. OK, so that worked well enough. But now I need to extend the partition, but...
  6. Quadcore

    Strange behaviour of script "app_base_link.sh"

    I am an owner of RT-AC86U router with last stable release of RMerlin (384.4.2). I've an external USB3 HDD with two partitions, first one with NTFS fs, second one with EXT3 fs. I've installed the Entware packages (32bit) with the newest script and I've installed the same packages I had with my...
  7. N

    ac68u) can't mount 8tb external hdd (ext4)

    Hi. I have used ac68u and easystore 8tb external hdd (NTFS format) well so far. But I heard that ext4 format is more stable, so I formatted ntfs to ext4 using gparted on Windows. After that, ac68u can't mount external hdd. (I can see hdd in but it is unmounted) At first I think 8tb...