external antenna

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  1. Buckthorn

    Detachable antennas

    Do any current ASUS routers have detachable antennas? I’m looking for a router for my barn that I can use an external antenna with.
  2. A

    WiFi Router in metal box

    I am going to put a security camera by my gate, which is about 100ft from my house. I'm planning on putting it in the electric gate opener box, which is a metal box. I'm currently using the Asus GT-AX11000 in my house. The camera is PoE, so I was going to just get a single PoE injector. My...
  3. R

    RT-AC1900P antenna connectors.

    I'm trying to test out an 2.4 GHz WiFi antenna (this antenna https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B004K2I70E/?tag=smallncom-20 and I was wondering what type of SMA connector my router has. Is it the normal SMA or is it RP-SMA?
  4. M

    Looking for Hawking community!

    I'm working as a client in an RV park. I'm also looking to quote out wireless infrastructure and have been testing various brands of radios (ubiquiti, EnGenius, TP-Link) . I'm struggling with the Hawking HOD45B right now (I've also worked with the HPOW10D) The software (that I'm running...