external hdd

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  1. L

    Connected HDD spins up constantly

    Hey all, Even if I'm a new user here, I've been lurking for a little while now... I just never had a reason to create a user, as I could usually find an answer to my questions. I'm starting to go crazy from my external HDD connected to my RT-AX56U (Merlin 388.2_2) constantly spinning up...
  2. krs

    Asus router and port powered external HDD

    I need something to host my 500GB photos, some music, keep a quick backup of files and games, and once in a while play a 4k video from it. In theory an external HDD would do all these. (I think I do not want a NAS atm :) ) I like the idea of having an external HDD powered via USB, but I saw...
  3. A

    have Intel 9560 card w/ true 160MHz; am in very congested environment--don't need speed, just a clear channel. Router that can do this? Sorry, NOOB

    I have a Dell Vostro with an Intel 9560 160 MHz card. I'm trying to understand what it is capable of and what it is not. My understanding is that the one advantage that it might have is that it could utilize a true 160MHz channel if a router supported it (and there's only three that do...
  4. A

    AC66u B1 NTFS problem

    Hello. I've read a lot about ntfs vs ext in linux. I have a brand new WD MyPassport Ultra 4TB which is used with Windows PCs and laptops. So ntfs is the only choise. Now I want to use it with my AC66u B1 router (Firmware Version: When I plug it into USB3 (or USB2) interface...