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    ASUS AX6000 Client Status problem

    All was fine but for some reason now when I hover over a couple of the Clients in the "Client Status" Option it does NOT show me either TX or RX rates OR the Access Time. It simply shows me. "Radio: Very Strong Access time: " I now add: The 2 clients I am not getting reports from are both...
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    RT-AC68U Rev. E1 / Merlin 384.5 / USB3 not Working

    Hello everybody... Even tough it seems to be a known issue without a solution, I report it anyway. I've a RT-AC68U Rev. E1 with latest Merlin 384.5 installed. When I try to plug some USB3 device into the USB3 port, it just doesn't get recognized, no way. Nothing is shown in the log. If I put...