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  1. J

    OpenVPN on phone connects to LAN but cannot access file server.

    I have an android phone w/ openvpn connect on it and a laptop PC running openvpn windows client. My home router is an asus router w/ stock software running openvpn server. I have successfully connected from my laptop connected through my phone's data connection and can navigate to my file server...
  2. T

    RT-AX92U USB Disk

    Hi I have two RT-AX92U Asus routers in a mesh setup, where 1 is acting AIMESH router and 1 is acting AIMESH node. So 3 questions: - If i want to add a USB diskdrive for filestorage etc., can it really be the disk cannot be larger than 2TB. Manual says "The wireless router works with most USB...