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  1. N

    [Bug][Firefox] Cannot see text typed into login fields

    Hello, The CSS on the login page seems broken for Firefox and prevents one from seeing any text typed into the login input boxes. The yellow highlighting is mine. The username and password box contain text.
  2. t1100mfp

    Tutorial How to automatically reboot Xfinity Gateway (xFi)

    Hi, I would like to share the script I created to automatically reboot daily my Xfinity Gateway. I came up with it because the router started gave ridiculously low download speeds (~20Mbps) and doing a reboot solved the issue. I used my Raspberry Pi 4 to do the job, but any computer running...
  3. BreakingDad

    Each Firefox download has a unique identifier The way out: Firefox users who prefer to download the browser without the unique identifier may do so in the following two ways: Download the Firefox installer from Mozilla's HTTPS repository (formerly the...
  4. stuffedtiger

    difference between manual and automatic DoH in Firefox

    in the 384.14 Beta firmware post, the changelog has a point about disabling the automatic usage of DoH in Firefox, and how manually turning on DoH within the browser will override the option on the router. so i'm wondering, what is the difference between the manual and automatic settings? i was...
  5. D

    SSH tunnel to RT-AC68U and certain sites not loading in Firefox