firewall iptables block

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  1. C

    Firewall Rules - Block all connections except VPN

    I am currently using an ASUS router (RT-AC68U with Merlin firmware - 386.4). I want to connect a single client to an OpenVPN server with no traffic other than the VPN allowed. I don't want to use the OpenVPN client in the router as speeds are low when using the VPN, so I'm looking to use an...
  2. Shaunobi

    Help with my "Pandemic Family Firewall" solution

    Hi all! I have a medium-sophisticated router setup that helps my kids stay "motivated" to do their schoolwork. (I'm running an AC5300 + Merlin, Diversion, SkyNet, some custom scripts I wrote, etc.) However, I need help setting up our friends with an easier solution to manage their kids' network...
  3. F

    Firewall problems

    Hi all, Hope that someone can help me with a this issue, as I can't find the answer in earlier posts. I have an Asus RT 1900u with the 384.13 firmware active (With a WAN IP of for example) On the local LAN (192.168.x.x) I have two IP camera's that are connected wireless to the...