firmware flash

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  1. W

    Flash default Firmware

    Hello there I recently got a AC88u, but even when reseting it, a chinese FW is the default one. Even when flashing to Merlini or Asus, it keeps going back to it. Theres an option below Adaptive Qos, which is for "improved lastest consoles connectivity (PS5, xbox and switch)". (But in chinese)
  2. D4rkProject09

    Unable to flash Merlin on RT-AX56U

    i have a RT-AX56u which is using the Asus stock firmware and i have been trying to upgrade to the latest version of Merlin. I have rebooted the router before flashing and i also tried with different browsers, but after the upgrade is done the router is still on the stock firmware. i have...
  3. UzEE

    Accidentally flashed RT-AX86U firmware on RT-AC86U and now unable to flash back the correct firmware

    Hi, I made the mistake flashing the firmware first thing after waking up and accidentally downloaded the AX86U release (RT-AX86U_386.2_4_cferom_pureubi.w) and flashed it via the ASUS Firmware Restoration tool by putting the router into recovery mode. Since then, I'm unable to put the router...