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  1. A

    Splitting Wireguard between Router and client

    Hi @ZebMcKayhan Almost a year on from my initial look at the Flow Cache restrictions with using WireGuard (WGM) see https://www.snbforums.com/threads/session-manager-4th-thread.81187/page-8#post-833178 I finally have a fast enough ISP for it to matter. With the latest rMerlin it looks like...
  2. sentinelvdx

    Unable to force Flow Cache Enable

    Hi, I'm using on my RT-AX86U Wireguard, which seems to be the reason why Flow Cache stays disabled after restart. Which command can I use via SSH in order to keep it enabled no matter what? Thanks!
  3. rkk2025

    What is keeping "Flow Cache" in "Disabled" state on my RT-AX86U?

    Hi, I'm trying to get "Flow Cache" to be "Enabled" in my RT-AX86U. I had previously AiProtection enabled and had briefly "Adaptive QoS" enabled too to experiment with it. As far as I'm aware these are the most common options that are mentioned that could Disable "Flow Cache". So now I have...