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  1. M

    Router reboot cause deletion of root folder

    Hi, I noticed a strange behaviour of my router (ASUS RT-AC86U). When I reboot the router all the files I installed in /tmp/home/root are getting deleted... This is a very very strange behaviour... I dot not understand why the files in the root folder are not persistent. It is even worse it...
  2. octopus

    [ SOLVED ] Can't remove file in /jffs

    Hi I have a strange problem, can't remove file in /jffs. I have renamed one file and I got a "´" in file name. Tried to remove/delete with winSCP and rm -f with no succes also formated /jffs but no new formated /jffs. Have not yet tried to do a reset router with "wps" button. Someone have any...
  3. Zonkd

    Disk formatting

    Questions, answers and insights on the topic of disk formatting and related disk management tasks. A thread started and watched by author of the disk formatting wiki guide. Let me know if you see a mistake in the Wiki and I'll correct it. The old guide I posted in the other thread is no...
  4. M

    Why isn't /jffs cleaned out after formatting?

    I'm preparing to do a completely clean install of 384.7 final. I disconnected my USB drives after unmounting them through the UI and choose to 'Format/jffs at next reboot' through the UI as well before installing 384.7. I made sure I applied the setting to format /jffs at next reboot. Before...