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  1. M

    FTP with WebUI

    Hi everyone. Hoping someone with more experience than me can help. I have entware on my Asus RT AX86u with the latest merlin firmware. I am trying to find an FTP package with a WebUI. I have 8tb of backup data that is in the cloud that I need downloading to my local NAS drive (connected to the...
  2. AnnaX

    Assigning static internal IP address for ASUS AiCloud/FTP-application

    Not sure I'm putting this question in the right subforum, so many to chose from. I'm on a Asus RT-N66W (same as RT-N66U, just different colour) with AsusWRT-Merlin firmware. It has a function to work as a FTP server through Asus DDNS (myusername.asuscomm.com) but even though I run a VPN client...
  3. A

    Download from FTP server to Synology NAS

    How can I log into an FTP server from the NAS and download files from the FTP server to the NAS. I'd greatly prefer a GUI over a command line interface. Are there any FTP client applications for the DS718+ NAS? Thank you, Andrew