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  1. sfx2000

    GL-Inet AXT1800 - WiFi6 Travel Router

    I've been testing this one for a while... gigabit throughput on NAT, wg is around 500Mbs... OpenWRT based... Product Page here third party mini-review here
  2. F

    ASUS OpenVPN server running, VPN client can only connect to handful of websites help!!

    Hi, I have setup an OpenVPN server running on my ASUS AC86U router directly from the native GUI. I'm running the client on a GL iNet Beryl travel router, again through the router's native GUI. The tunnel connection is successful, but when I try to load a page on the internet all I seem to have...
  3. D

    DIY intercom project over WiFi

    Hello, I am very noobish in networking domain so I am looking for advice for following project idea…. I want to build communication system for motorcycle riders. Because quality intercom products like Sena and Cardo are expensive I am looking for diy solution. I am thinking of following: -...