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  1. G

    amtm Grep error durong update

    Hi all. I have a power failure in my house and after restoring the power I have the following message in amtm as sooon as I use update command ("u"): Any idea how to fix it?
  2. N

    GREP commnad Reading through file Question

    I have a need to read through the client list on my asus router RT-AC66U_B1 with Merlin Firmware Version:384.10_2 and if I find the MAC address I am searching for in the file location "/tmp/clientlist.json, I will execute a "CURL" command. What I have, so far is this logic that i copied from...
  3. octopus

    Some "grep" help.

    Hi I need some suggestions...;) I use grep -E -m 1 "blabla" to ensure only get first aswere in a command when get multiple answeres. Now my question: if I want last answer and in multiple answeres, howe to accomplished that? Thanks :D Octopus