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  1. R

    upgrading router from GT-AC5300 to ZenWifi AX (XT8)

    Hello, currently i stay in 3 floored town home with Two GT-AC5300 routers which is placed in 2nd floor and 3rd floor and are connected each other with wired ethernet backhaul and are in Aimesh configuration currently there are about 45 devices being connected to both the routers (security...
  2. LeBlackNight

    Unstable AiMesh Various Questions

    Hello. My wife and kids are getting quite frustrated with our "internet connection", and conversely me because I am the person who is supposed to know how to fix it. I am sure many of you can relate. So what's the problem? Instability. Frequent dropouts of the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands. Intermittent...
  3. C

    GT-AC5300 What is the best Asus firmware to date

    What are your opinions on the best/stable firmware? Please post version in your reply. CC
  4. C

    GT-AC5300 NEW Firmware Version

    Installed and working perfectly: Version MBytes ASUS GT-AC5300 Firmware version 1. Update Adaptive QoS categories: Help you to prioritize the mission-critical...
  5. Wolfschiesst

    [GT-AC5300] Web-UI SSL-cert not renewing

    Dear all, my GT-AC5300 router running on latest ASUS stock firmware auto-installed a self-created Web-UI SSL-certificate during first installation using the default IP-address . I now configured it to run in AP-mode behing a RT-AC88U router with Asuswrt-Merlin and...
  6. C

    GT-AC 5300 Version Beta Version

    Just released Version Beta Version. ASUS GT-AC5300 Firmware version Please be noted this is a beta version, if you want to roll back to the official version, you will need to process...
  7. D

    Does Asuswrt-Merlin support the Asus GT-AC5300 Router?

    I have an ASUS GT-AC5300 Router, which is limited to 64 Manually Assigned IP addresses. I noticed that the screenshots of the Asuswrt-Merlin firmware appear to support 128 Manually Assigned IP addresses, but dont know if this will work with my GT-AC5300 router. Can anyone confirm that my router...
  8. J

    ROG Rapture GT-AC5300 Support

    Hello! I'd like to get Asuswrt-Merlin running on my GT-AC5300. I've been using the firmware for a long time on my AC-66U and would like to get it running on my new router since the AC-66U isn't being supported anymore. I tried flashing the RT-AC5300 firmware to see if it would work but I got...
  9. C

    RT-AC5300 vs GT-AC5300

    Hi, I was going to buy the RT-AC5300 but then I found out there is the ROG Rapture GT-AC5300. Their main differences are: RT-AC5300 128MB Flash 512MB RAM VPN Client / Server 1 x USB 3.0 + 1 x USB 2.0 4 x LAN GT-AC5300 802.3ad link aggregation VPN ??? 256MB Flash 1GB RAM 2 x USB 3.0 8 x...
  10. Big-T

    Issues connecting 2nd AiMesh node

    Hey guys, I have a GT-AC5300 as my AiMesh Router with an RT-AC3100 AiMesh Node already connected. I ordered another RT-AC3100 for a second node, but every time I try to connect I get the standard "Could Not Connect Node for the following reasons: [List of everything in the ASUS FAQ]." I have...
  11. GoldenOne

    Does asus only support Samba/SMB1? Is it possible to enable SMB2 or higher?

    So I recently bought a GT-AC5300, and so far I love everything about it. BUT, the one thing that im a little annoyed about it the lack of compatibility for network storage. I was hoping to use it as a NAS, with a hard drive plugged in. I've got it set up with FTP and a software called...
  12. doc octopus

    Your opinions on AiMesh

    Hi everyone, I would like you to share your experiences with the aimesh function. I would like to connect two routers, gt-ac5300 as the main router and rt-ac86u as a node, using the wifi as a backhaul channel, due to the distance between its equipment and the impossibility of laying ethernet...
  13. A

    Using RT-AC5300 firmware on GT-AC5300 ?

    Has anyone tried the AsusWRT Merlin firmware for RT-AC5300 on the GT-AC5300 ? I want to know if it will work, or if/what gets broken, etc? Thanks in advance! Really hope Merlin will support the GT-AC5300 in the future!
  14. L

    ASUS RT-AC56U migration with OpenVPN to GT-AC5300?

    I am replacing an ASUS RT-AC56U ( with an ASUS GT-AC5300. The AC56U is used as an OpenVPN server. How do migrate the OpenVPN to the AC5300 so clients can connect to it once it is configured? Additionally, I’d love to just save the RT-AC56U settings and restore them...
  15. stevef9432203

    Using Entware on Asus Gt-Ac5300

    Have any of you FORUM Gurus looked at using Entware on the ac-gt5300 router? After trying in install Entware on usb media, with errors; Found that Asus has "/opt" defined in the stock [email protected]#! Dang what a PITA. Is it possible to change the Entware install path or have Entware been hard coded...
  16. J

    VPN for ASUS GT-AC5300 ROG Rapture Wireless AC5300

    @RMerlin Hi, I bought the above mentioned Router (ROG/GT-AC5300). But I havn't seen that this device has no VPN integrated. Therefore I would like to ask if it would be possible to flash the router with "Asuswert-Merlin" and get VPN support??? I am not sure if there is a special reason not to...
  17. Darf Nader

    ASUS GT-AC5300 Problems Galore

    I recently purchased a refurbished GT-AC5300 as my primary wireless router, and while it has impressive OTA bandwidth, it's one peculiar piece of hardware! From the get-go it was a bee's nest of problems. The first headache was when I changed username and password during the initial setup which...
  18. I

    Any third-party firmware support for ASUS GT-AC5300? Flashing issues?

    I've found support for the RT-AC5300; don't know if that works with the GT due to the different CPU and such. I was also warned at Micro Center that there will be issues with firmware upon setup or flashing. Should I just return the sucker?
  19. joe012594

    ASUS Hidden Smart Connect Settings Decoded

    I'm not sure if anyone here is still interested in or uses ASUS' Smart Connect feature on their newer dual and tri band routers. If so, I've found all of the hidden settings for this feature (settings not accessible in the GUI) and, for the most part, have figured out how to 100% customize it...