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  1. Adam Siemiginowski

    Limit Guest Network Bandwidth on Router + Access Point to Prevent Packet Loss

    Hi. I have a router (RT-AC87U) and access point (RT-AC5300) both running Merlin 380.68. My goal with this post is to document how to: limit a guest networks bandwidth to 40% of my total 60mbps down / 5mbps up connection, and if also possible, preserve Adaptive QoS functionality which ensures...
  2. O

    Printer in Guest Network...

    Hi, I am a noob at this hence appreciate your patiene. I have a Linksys EA6900 router running XWRT-Vortex (AsusWRT-Merlin port for Linksys). I have a wireless printer in the Guest wifi SSID (need this is guest network because my kids friends come over for studies and need access to printer). At...