gui freezes

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  1. Meppy

    Solved AC-68U System GUI hanging with 386.2_4

    I tried to update the router from the iPhone app and it failed. So I rebooted it and then downloaded and installed the firmware manually. All seemed to go ok, but now I have a problem where when I go to Administration -> System to start setting up HTTPS, it just hangs with a lank screen and a...
  2. M

    Merlin 384.5

    I am the proud new owner of the following routers in a desire to change over my older Linksys routers to somewhat newer Asus routers. 1. RT AC87R set to Access Point with Merlin 384.5 firmware...... 2. RT AC87U set to access point with Merlin 384.5 Firmware The R works flawlessly. The U has...