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  1. G

    Killswitch on updated RT-AX56U (V1) works

    I wanted to create this small thread for sharing my experience on installing Merlin on RT-AX56U and testing the killswitch feature. Hoping this will be useful for someone on the same situation. I needed to buy an "affordable" ASUS router compatible with Merlin in order to setup an OpenVPN...
  2. I

    Entware Looking for a guide on using Entware's Samba v4

    I would like to switch to Entware's Samba v4 because I'm hoping the added support for TimeMachine with Samba 4.8 would help resolve my current TimeMachine issues. I tried setting it up, but it didn't work for me, and the instructions at OpenWrt didn't help me. I currently use two additional...
  3. S

    Help to set up dnsmasq step by step

    Hi guys & gals, love the continued work on the project it’s awesome to see to such a good community around geeky stuff. Anyway could someone please advise step by step how to set up dnsmasq for Merlin now from what I’ve read online is setting the LAN DNS and WINS server to router IP will have...
  4. J

    How to Setup TorGuard VPN on Merlin 384.13

    I noticed the setup guide on TorGuard's website was a little outdated, so I wanted to create a new one and share with users here. Log in to your router and navigate to VPN > VPN Client and input the following information: Client Control: Automatic start at boot time: Yes (Personal preference)...
  5. T

    Installing pihole directly on asus router

    This was a fun project that I took up as a learning experience. After following a few guides I managed to do this and if anyone wants to have it up and running here are the steps. Note, I don't 100% know what I'm doing. This setup just worked for my RT-AC68U router. Overall the cpu and ram seems...
  6. daviworld

    RT-AC5300 Performance & Security Guide

    I don't know if this will be helpful to anyone. But, thought I would share my set-up and hopefully help some people in their quest for performance and security. Check page 2, post #34 for 2019 updated/added info -------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start with...