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    Any routers with built in support for HFS+ or APFS (filesystems for Mac)?

    Many SOHO-routers (and 3rd party firmware) include a file server that allows me connect a hard drive to the router and share via SMB. Are there any routers that allows me to connect a hard drive formatted in HFS+ and/or APFS (the filesystems used by MacOS) and share that way?
  2. C

    Can't use volume labels as mount points for HFS disk partitions

    Hi, Just got my `RT-AX88U` and I flashed the `Asuswrt-Merlin` v384.15 firmware. I've installed `entware` too. So, I have an 8T external disk with 5 HFS partitions attached to the front USB port of the router. For some reason it doesn't use the volume labels as mount points but the device...