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  1. C

    Asus AC68U router and HG612 modem won't connect

    Ausus AC68U Router & HG612 modem not working on BT Fibre 1 Router WAN won't connect to modem I know the broadband is working because if I use my BT Smart Hub it connects and works perfectly. I know the HG612 modem is working because if I use an external TP-Link Router it connects and works...
  2. Mogsy

    AX86S + HG612 modem 169.255x.x.

    Hello, Is it normal to have 169.255.x.x IP range on the routing table? I bought this HG612 from Amazon. Was literally plug and play until I saw that 169 ip, then tried accessing the modem GUI. Was unable to, so I flash it with unlocked version with web GUI. Can access it now, but afraid to...