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  1. M

    Solved Infos about fixed Issues with chromecast on shield and homekit (bonjour and mdns)

    I want to share info about issues i could recently solve. I haven‘t seen my via ethernet attached shield as a chromecast target any more. I found out that I had to disable „Enable IGMP Snooping“ under wireless professional and the shield has shown up again. The other issue I could solve was...
  2. R

    Asus Asus RT-AX88U with Apple HomeKit and Trend Micro

    Hello people, After searching the internet for some solutions regarding my router I found this website, which looks awesome because it’s full of good information. So I hope someone here can help me with a strange problem I have. My hardware: Asus RT-AX88U - Firmware Version:
  3. K

    Possible solution to AiMesh wired backhaul network instability

    I have an AC5300 and 3x AC86U (only two plugged in atm because 3 was unstable, but going to try 3 again shortly with this new possible fix). I have about 50 bulbs and other home automation/security devices on 2.4Ghz band. These will somewhat randomly drop on/off wifi - sometimes everything...
  4. P

    Homekit problems in AC-5300 380.69

    Hi, I have a lot of issues with homekit and the asus AC-5300. Devices are connected well to 2.4Ghz wifi because asus show them in the client list, but i can not do nothing with homekit app because accessorys dont respond. Also, sometimes (5%) they respond and you can operate with them 1 or 2...
  5. thiggins

    Wemo Now Supports Apple HomeKit

    Belkin says its Wemo family now can be controlled by Apple's HomeKit. Read on SmallNetBuilder
  6. Julio Urquidi

    Logitech Circle 2 Wired Security Cameras Now Apple HomeKit Compatible

    Logitech updated its Circle 2 camera to work with Apple’s HomeKit smart home automation tech. Whether using a “Hey Siri” voice command or motion detected alerts, customers can now use the Home app and Circle 2 cameras to keep a remote eye on at home through thier iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch...
  7. Julio Urquidi

    D-Link's HomeKit Enabled Wi-Fi Camera Released

    D-Link's latest Wi-Fi camera was previously announced during CES. The Omna 180 Cam HD is now available from Apple.com, or in Apple stores later this month. Retailing for $199.99, the Omna 180 is compatible with Apple's HomeKit smart home platform, providing surveillance and security services...
  8. sfx2000

    Homebridge - HomeKit for the impatient

    https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge Homebridge is a lightweight NodeJS server you can run on your home network that emulates the iOS HomeKit API. It supports Plugins, which are community-contributed modules that provide a basic bridge from HomeKit to various 3rd-party APIs provided by...
  9. Julio Urquidi

    Latest Sylvania Multicolor Bulb Is HomeKit-Enabled And Hub-Free

    The new Apple HomeKit-enabled Sylvania Smart Multicolor A19 bulb can be controlled using the Home app and with Siri’s voice-command feature. For some applications, Apple TV and iPads running iOS 10 can be used as hubs to control the new Bluetooth bulbs and other Home-enabled devices, letting...
  10. Julio Urquidi

    D-Link In Development For New Apple HomeKit Friendly Wi-Fi Cameras

    D-Link announced it has a new smart home Wi-Fi camera in development that would be compatible with the new Apple Home app, as well as with Apple’s HomeKit smart home framework. Touting itself as “one of the latest brands to support Apple’s smart home framework,” D-Link specifically noted that...