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  1. B

    How to disable skynet http/https blocking?

    Skynet by default blocks legitimate websites constantly, which has only been problematic and a headache with no measurable security benefit in the 3+ years I have been using it... How do I disable http/https blocking in skynet?
  2. Klavaro

    GUI and SSH access from tagged VLAN / Guest network.

    Hello everyone! I have a RT-AX68U router, and I'd like to set up VLANs and subnets to have a proper DMZ and internal network to build a homelab. I followed this guide which helped me set up the basic stuff. Problem is I can't access the GUI nor SSH...
  3. J

    How to prioritize remote HTTP interface over local clients?

    I run an Asus RT-AC88U router at an apartment building with many users. But I am located offsite, so I use the router's remote HTTP interface. When I'm on-site at the apartment building, I can prioritize my own traffic over the residents if I need to get something done. However, when I'm located...
  4. TanyaC

    Large HTTP Downloads failing many sites but not all

    For the last 5 months I've been trying to isolate a problem with my WSUS server where updates remain in a "Downloading" State forever. After many rebuilds and some great support from Spiceworks members we found that it's an error with downloads failing part way through. My PCs boots up...
  5. TanyaC

    The Connection was reset

    For the past several months I've been having an increasing number of websites return a "connection reset" error. I'm up to about 50 sites now. News sites, online retailers, forums sites, you name it; the error is non-discriminatory. Except for one aspect - it only happens to http:// websites...
  6. P

    firewall rule - question

    hello :) since update to Merlin FW 380.59 my ASUS RT-AC68U vpn connection is blocking connection to SSH/TELNET and HTTP/HTTPS my ASUS RT-AC68U is running as VPN Client to another AC68U (FW 380.58) running as VPN Server in Administration - System there is - Enable SSH - LAN Only how to allow...
  7. P

    Article explaining how access to Internet works

    Hello, I've been looking for an article that explains from "first principles" what happens when a computer on a home LAN accesses a website. This for a colleague who wants to learn more about this. This would ideally include: - home network configuration using DHCP - using ARP to access the...