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  1. T

    Solved HTTP2 support for admin website?

    Hi, does the latest firmware support http2 for the admin website? Apache has been supported HTTP2 for very long time. How can I use http2 instead of http1.1?
  2. T

    Web GUI is not working

    After I changed the Web GUI to HTTPS and reboot the router. I cannot access the Web GUI anymore. But I have SSH access. I tried restart the https service by service restart_httpd, but it's not working. The process is listening on 8443 according to netstat: admin@RT-AC86U-BC68:/tmp/home/root#...
  3. Klavaro

    GUI and SSH access from tagged VLAN / Guest network.

    Hello everyone! I have a RT-AX68U router, and I'd like to set up VLANs and subnets to have a proper DMZ and internal network to build a homelab. I followed this guide which helped me set up the basic stuff. Problem is I can't access the GUI nor SSH...
  4. garycnew

    Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19 WebUI won't load after Login

    All: This morning, I found my Internet was down. I tried logging into the Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19 WebUI, but after logging in the default Network Map page won't load. I was able to ssh into the the Asuswrt-Merlin router to perform a service restart_wan, which brought the Internet back online...
  5. vaboro

    httpd crashed when Save Database to File was clicked on WiFi Radar Settings page

    httpd crashed when Save Database to File was clicked on Jun 5 23:20:56 GT-AC2900-2 kernel: httpd[2705]: unhandled level 2 translation fault (11) at 0x006534c4, esr 0x92000046 Jun 5 23:20:56 GT-AC2900-2 kernel: pgd = ffffffc0301b2000 Jun 5 23:20:56 GT-AC2900-2 kernel: [006534c4]...
  6. M

    RT-AX88U UI crashing when looking at network maps or AiMesh

    Just this afternoon, when I login to the web interface on my RT-AX88U I can get it to crash in a couple of ways. 1st if I click the "View List" on the network map page, it will display an empty list, then my browser says the page is slow. After a few seconds more it displays the client list...
  7. R

    Diversion / Skynet Thought

    Hi everyone! I have been using Diversion and Skynet for a few months now and it is just an awesome combination of tools! I had a thought about enhancing the functionality...How difficult would it be to setup the tools to have blocked sites redirect to a web page (maybe using httpd?) on the...
  8. I

    httpd issue on AC87U (firmware version 384.7_2)

    Hi, I noticed that, whenever I do some changes in the Advanced Settings -> LAN -> DHCP Server -> Manually Assigned IP around the DHCP list, the web interface gets stuck. Everything else continues to work fine, I can connect to it via ssh, no problem. Any idea if this bug has been already...
  9. N

    Asus Router app and "unintentional" activation of remote access to router

    It was discovered "by mistake", but it cannot be described any other way but serious: Asus has introduced DDNS and remote management support into Asus Router mobile app for Android. It might be nice feature to have, but there is one big BUT in this implementation - if router is added/linked to...
  10. _X10

    VPN setup causes HTTPD restart (380.68_0)

    Hi, any idea about this issue ? thank you.
  11. M

    make httpds listen on alternative device

    Hi I'm trying to get a grasp at my router (RT-AC68U) and this firmware (v380.65) by playing around. The final goal is a super paranoid setup, but only for educational purpose. I'm trying to bind sshd and httpds to a specific device (a vlan). Sshd works, but I don't geht how I can change...
  12. C

    [Help] WebUI Mod

    I am new to Asuswrt-Merlin, my hobby is WebDev, I know the basic of linux, I am a RT-N10U owner and I want to be a part of this great community. I want to make a more compact (in size and request) WebUI, maintaining the same UI/UX, without installing others HTTPd or apps. For frontend that...
  13. J

    Why does watchdog keep restarting httpd?

    Ever since installing ASUS firmware on RT-AC3200, it fills the log with messages like: Apr 20 13:22:11 watchdog: restart httpd Apr 20 13:22:11 rc_service: watchdog 483:notify_rc start_httpd Apr 20 13:22:11 RT-AC3200: start httpd - SSL Apr 20 13:22:41 watchdog: restart httpd Apr...