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    384.18 -> 386.5: What is the impact to INBOUND OpenVPN server running on RT-AC86U?

    Advance apologies if this is a really stupid question: I currently run 384.18 on an RT-AC86U with inbound OpenVPN. I only have one inbound user (from another UU country) with OpenVPN configured to NOT allow ingress into my network, simply to redirect into UK internet so that user can access...
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    Port forwarding inbound on XXXXX from RT AC66U to Windows 10

    I'm having a problem in getting port forwarding to work from my RT AC66U to my Windows 10 desktop over a wireless link. I've configured the desktop's wireless adapter address as and opened some inbound ports in Windows Defender/Firewall. I'm using a VPN. On the router I've set port...