intel ax210

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    RT-AX88U Intel AX211 Speeds / Cannot set 160Mhz Channel

    I have a RT-AX88U and and a RT-AC68U using AiMesh with latest AsusMerlin firmware , my laptop has an "Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6E AX211 160MHz" card and I noticed that after a couple of hours connected at 1201/1201 Mbps (router is 6ft from the laptop) the connection speed drops to ridiculously low speeds...
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    Any 2230 m.2 wifi card that actually has usable 6 GHz?

    Looking for help finding a 2230 m.2 wifi module that support WIFI 6e that is actually usable. I was very hyped to jump into 6 GHz bands, got myself ASUS AXE16000 and was really bummed to realize that total of single device that I own can connect there reliably, which is my mobile phone. Long...
  3. L&LD

    News They are coming; Intel Wi-Fi 6E adaptors launched Intel AX210 Now, all we need are the (RMerlin) supported routers to push these cards to their limits. :)