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  1. B

    bulk edits of client list / manually assigned IP's

    Hi I'm running a Blue Cave with stock firmware. is there a way of doing a bulk renaming of assets in the client list, or a bulk uploading / configuring of manully assigned IP addresses? I was thinking along the lines of downloading the appropriate file, editing it then uploading to router /...
  2. S

    RT-AC68, IP not updating in DDNS, using mobile hotspot & Openvpn

    Using an Asus Rt-AC68p router with latest Asuswrt-Merlin installed. I have a mobile hotspot (At&t) connected to its USB port and USB activated in the router. My computer is connected to the router and an internet connection is successful with this arraignment and my computer has a reported...
  3. L

    Asus RT-AC87U Firmware V.384.10_2 Missing IP's and Strange IP's

    RE: RT-AC87U Firmware: 384.10_2 Client List Problems I just updated to V.384.10_2 and I have two (2) problems: Unusual IP for Router: It shows for the Asus Router the IP of (with is typically a local Private IP). I would think it would show the IP of Previous...
  4. R

    RT-AC66U 380.70 Recovery mode has no IP

    Hello, I'm trying to recover my AC66U from 380.70 to Merlin fork 374.43_39E1 When I put the router into recovery mode and the power light is blinking, the router does not seem to have the expected IP address How can I do this (without a serial cable please) Ronald
  5. SloppyPenguin

    IP (with high bandwidth usage) not showing in device list

    I switched using Merlin on my RT-N66U so I can monitor the internet usage by device (which is fantastic). The data shows two IP addresses as the highest consumers, but they are no where to be found in the device list. I made sure to refresh the list and checking all pages. Does this sound like...
  6. T

    Blocking incoming connection on RT-AC68U stock firmware

    Hello all, I have an RT-AC68U where I have setup an OpenVPN server. The problem is now, I have a set of IPs from outside trying to connect (obviously not me). They do not manage to connect but keep trying. Is it possible to setup a rule to block a subnet from connecting? I tried using Port...
  7. P

    My Asus router won't let me port forward. Get error: WAN IP is not external IP.

    Hi guys, I've come to my wits end trying to understand what in the world is going on with my router. I'm hoping maybe someone here can help. I've searched online but cannot seem find a definitive answer, or even what to look for in my case. Anyways, I have Charter/Spectrum internet in Metro...
  8. T

    ISP public IP leak with openvpn + proxy

    My openvpn server when running a proxy won't show the public ip as that of the proxy. It will instead show my isp public ip. Wondering if it's an ip leak, or some issue related to the isp modem as the final jump point before the internet. If I use Tor, or a proxy search engine, the proxy ip...
  9. M

    Getting Unfamiliar IP Addresses

    Hello everyone, My RT-AC3200 starting having trouble last week - the SSIDs were dropping out which kept my wireless clients from connecting to wifi. Got an RMA number, its on its way to be tested/repaired. So, pulled out my older RT-AC1900P to work as a substitute while the other router is...
  10. M

    DHCP problems with Ethernet

    I face strange problem with my Ethernet adapter from time to time. It cannot receive IP address, whilst WiFi works like a charm. I resolved the issue (don't remember how) but after Windows reinstall the problem returned. I tried uninstalling network adapter several times but that gave no result...
  11. P

    DNS based filtering

    I do use router RT-AC68U with 380.66_6 software. Whenever I try to enable DNS based filtering I can't connect to the network at all (devices are not getting IP). Anyone observe similar problem? Anyone uses DN filter and could advise how should I set it up? Greetings, Pawel
  12. rtn66uftw

    [Solved] Is it possible to keep old IP address after upgrading router?

    I've recently upgraded to Asus AC3100 from AC68U. Everything works fine but my IP address changed to a totally different one. It messed up with several services that I'm using. I'm wondering if there is a way to keep the old IP address? Thanks!
  13. Jon D

    Unable to manually assign IP address in DHCP server

    Trying to fix IP addresses assigned to devices on my network. Doing so at Once I select devices using the MAC address dropdown and try to add them then 'Apply', I can only see the 'Applying' spinner endlessly. Have actually left this going for an...
  14. J

    How to Block internet access to precise IP range at night?

    Hi, I have an Asus RT-AC87U with the latest Merlin firmware on it (380.61). I'd like to block internet access to ip range during the night. I've looked at the Firewall - Network Services Filter, but it seems impossible to specify a specific and precise IP range...
  15. Ackhold

    RT-N66U LPR Printing after IP address change

    Hi All, This issue is driving me crazy so I'm hoping someone here can help me. I have an Asus RT-N66U router running the stock firmware ( and a Cannon iX6550 which is connected via USB. In the past this worked fine however I recently had to change my router IP from...