ip passthrough

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  1. M

    AI Cloud with IP Passthrough?

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here and have tried to find an answer through a search with no luck. I have a very basic networking knowledge but managed to get my AC-66 working great after upgrading to ATT Fibre. I had to use their Arris BGW210-700R and put it in IP Passthrough mode. The only thing I...
  2. M

    Please Delete

    Please delete - wrong forum
  3. Neurogenesis

    [AC87] [380.69] No WAN access with IP Passthrough from AT&T NVG599 Gateway

    Topology: I have FTTP with WAN port on the Gateway connected to the box on the side of the house. The AC87 has LAN 3 attached to the LAN 3 port on the Gateway. Background: I initially had the network setup according to the instructions here...