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  1. B

    AIProtection replacement ? Or how to manage it ?

    Hello, Question about AiProtection and especially the IPS part. Not being able to add an exception yourself is a real shame, and a blocker in some cases. Since I don't want to disable AiProtection or just the IPS part for my entire network, I'm wondering... How do you do on your side? We...
  2. R

    Port mirroring makes router freeze

    Hi, I have an Asus AX56U with Asuswrt-Merlin 388.1 and I want to mirror all traffic to my Snort VM running on a Proxmox host. When I set these iptables rules, the router immediatly freezes. It doesn't reboot, unless I do it physically, and all units on my network loose connection with...
  3. P

    Solved Multiple WAN IPs on AC-86U

    Hello everyone. I have a standard network, Ont box, a router and multiple devices connected to it. Because of issues with NAT and my consoles, I sought to get a second static IP from my ISP. Today I received the details for the two static IPs. I wish to have the second one to solely be used...
  4. R

    siting an ips/ids/dnsBlock(PfSense? or ClearOs?) in a vpn cascade?

    Current: Inet->wan-AC68u (ipsec passthrough)-lan ->wan-AX11000gt Hello all, Firstly, I wish everyone safe and well during this time of global worry. Please, could you kindly help me out, I think I know what to do, however I don't want to sway advice with my inexperienced opinion. After 8...
  5. Adam Siemiginowski

    Whitelist IP Range in Asus IPS / Active Protection System / Firewall for Retail POS PCI Compliance

    Hey All! I must allow Trustwave (a 3rd party compliance scanner for retail POS for credit cards) Whitelisted Access to our router and network, so that they can complete a scan of our network for PCI Compliance on our network hosting a retail POS accepting credit cards. Currently, my ASUS...
  6. rkk2025

    How does the Trend Micro Two Way IPS work in AsusWRT while Snort would melt desktop computers?

    Hi, Since I enabled the Trend Micro Two Way IPS on my AsusWRT and seen how well it performs (In terms of Network Speed and detected attacks), I would not change it back to how it was before. At some point I needed to change to another router with an OpenWRT, and I've seen that Snort/Suracata...