ipv6 firewall

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  1. U

    Solved IPv6 DNS issues on clients behind router

    Setup: Factory default. Only option set are wireles names, login passwords, and enabling IPv6 with a statefull network. Issue: Clients get the the routers IPv6 address as the IPv6 DNS server. nslookup uses this server to (try) and resolve domain names but fails. If I tell nslookup to use the...
  2. R

    RT-AC86U IPv6 ICMP filtered

    Hi everyone, I have RT-AC86U with stock firmware My ISP provides native IPv6 which I enabled. ICMP packets are blocked from WAN to LAN when Enable IPv6 Firewall is set to Yes - I tested it multiple times with several devices on LAN, using https://ipv6-test.com and also ping6...
  3. GHammer

    IPV6 Firewall Allow Ports 80 & 443 Through to NAS

    I have tried to get this working, but failed to get traffic through to the webserver I run on a local NAS. This works fine via IPV4, but not via IPV6. I have DNS set and I see packets being dropped from external sources, so the traffic is at least reaching the router. Here's a sample of a...
  4. stambeccuccio

    IPv6 Firewall function on IPv6 Passthrough? Doubt

    Enabling an IPv6 Passthrough connection type, its traffic is filtered by IPv6 Firewall or bypasses the Router's Firewall? A type IPv6 Passthrough connection exposes directly network devices to WAN or not? Is it secure? Thank You.