ipv6 passthrough

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  1. U

    IPv6 Native vs Passthrough (2-Router LAN)

    Topology Two ASUS routers: 1st plugged into a modem (w/ WAN aggregation) 2nd plugged into the first router both are in router mode and not set up as an AP One of the reason I opted for this setup is that I liked the idea of having a firewall on the client-router in order to apply some more...
  2. S

    Conflict with IPV6-Passthrough and NAT Hardware Acceleration

    As the title says there seems to be a serious conflict with IPV6-passthrough and NAT Hardware Acceleration enabled. I've narrowed it down to a Asus laptop connected wirelessly triggering it. When it triggers all requests to the outside world from every device on the inside network seem to...
  3. timeregained

    IPv6 Pass through doesn't work when nat hardware acceleration turns on [AC68U]

    With asuswrt-merlin.ng version 384.10_2: If the nat hardware acceleration turns on and IPv6 is set to Passthough, the system log was flood with :"kernel: osl_pktfastfree: free skb for NULL ctfpool". Network devices could get its own ipv4 & ipv6 address but cannot access to internet. However...
  4. stambeccuccio

    IPv6 Firewall function on IPv6 Passthrough? Doubt

    Enabling an IPv6 Passthrough connection type, its traffic is filtered by IPv6 Firewall or bypasses the Router's Firewall? A type IPv6 Passthrough connection exposes directly network devices to WAN or not? Is it secure? Thank You.