isolated lan

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    Tutorial Subnetting isolation without a VLAN switch

    Why I wanted to do subnetting in my house's LAN in order to have 2 separate networks, one for my NAS, and another one for the rest of devices. I managed to split my network into 2 smaller ones by subnetting it with the mask, however, that wasn't enough, because what it did was...
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    VLAN or Isolated LAN for IP Cameras using ASUS RT-AC68U?

    First off, not sure if this is the best route, but I do have an ASUS RT-AC68R (same is U) for my router. What I want to do is setup a VLAN or Isolated LAN, also heard it called a Walled Garden, for my IP Cameras. I see people talking about it but no actual setup descriptions or instructions...
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    Using second adapter to create "Isolated LAN" for IP Cameras?

    I would like to find out about possibly using the second Network Adapter on my TS-453Be for creating an Isolated LAN, or Walled Garden, for IP Cameras. I however will not be using the NAS as my NVR. I have a dedicated Windows PC that I will run Blue Iris on. This PC with record and store all...