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  1. W

    Voxel [R7800] suggestions/experiences about best supported VPN providers (kamoj users are very welcome)

    Hi everybody, I'm the new kid in town :), a new-owner of netgear r7800. I've got a gigabit fiber line and reach about 500Mbit down, 180 up. I've installed last Voxel firmware and I'm going to use the kamoj add on. In the following days probably there will be some special offers for VPN: usually...
  2. kamoj

    How to connect to NordVPN as a client using Voxel firmware

    The most convenient way is to use an USB-device as described in Voxel documentation. This is a Lazy Dog for those who want to do it without USB. The short example: mkdir -p /etc/openvpn/config/client/ cd /etc/openvpn/config/client/ echo "username" >nordvpn.auth echo "password" >>nordvpn.auth...