kill switch

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  1. C

    Would someone be able to make a Kill Switch script that works with x3mrouting ?

    So the problem is that currently when the router reboots, or you stop the vpn client. Devices that are policy routed through the vpn using vpn director still retain internet access. I have tried the script located at
  2. M

    VPN Kill Switch Doesn't Work Temporarily Immediately After Rebooting

    I'm running Merlin 386.3_2 on an RT-AC68U. I'm using the OpenVPN client with it set to connect when booted. The kill switch is enabled, and all internet traffic is set to be redirected over the VPN. I've noticed that traffic is allowed to go over the WAN immediately after rebooting for a short...
  3. S

    Malfunctioning kill switch (RT-AC68U)

    I have a VPN client configured on my router and it works fine until there is an "idle period" (i.e. at night). After a couple of hours of network inactivity the VPN "disconnects", the external IP becomes "unknown" and the connection goes directly to the ISP. Even though the kill switch is active...
  4. F

    Does the VPN kill switch work with Merlin?

    I signed up to ExpressVPN this week where their knowledge with Merlin is limited. Apart from this enquiry, their live support is fantastic with no waiting times. I found information about setting up a VPN with a kill switch here. When...