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  1. Snouto

    Isolating an AirPrinter in Vlan

    Hi Total network noob here looking for some expert advice. I require a small network consisting of an iPad with cellular and connected to a local WiFi access point, an air printer connected to the same access point, and one or more mobile phones from joe public connecting periodically to the...
  2. K

    Optimizing access control lists on a Cisco SG500X-48 Small Business switch

    I am trying to optimize the access control list rules on a Cisco SG500X-48 Small Business switch (on Layer 3). The general aim is to regulate the traffic between two VLANs (e.g., 10 and 30) in such a way that VLAN 30 has access to VLAN 10, but only for specific protocols, while VLAN 10 has no...