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  1. JA93

    DuckDNS with LetsEncrypt

    I wanted SSL for both my DuckDNS domain and subdomains, but got stuck with a pesky LetsEncrypt error. Let 'sEncrypt gave me the "Can not find dns api hook for: dns_duckdns" error, and manual TXT records didn't fly with DuckDNS, I turned to ZeroSSL. However, ZeroSSL only hands out SSL for domains...
  2. V

    Custom DDNS Letsencrypt stuck on Authorizing

    Firmware version: 386.5_2 Any working around? Even with the firewall disabled, the router is unable to pull the cert. May 25 12:05:00 rc_service: service 2829:notify_rc restart_letsencrypt May 25 12:05:05 kernel: [Wed May 25 12:05:05 DST 2022] Standalone mode. May 25 12:05:07 kernel: [Wed...
  3. garycnew

    [SOLUTION] asus-wrapper-acme.sh Adds --dns Support for Let's Encrypt Wildcard SAN Certs to Integrated Asus acme.sh Implementation

    All: For those of you whom use the integrated Asus acme.sh implementation with Let's Encrypt, you are familiar with its limitations in only issuing LE Certs with the --standalone method. The following asus-wrapper-acme.sh script manipulates the default Asus acme.sh arguments to extend its use...
  4. D

    Let's encrypt issue on latest 386.1 beta 2 (RT-AX86U)

    When trying to get a let's encrypt certificate, it keeps showing "Authorizing". [EDITED: Let's encrypt issue is already listed as known] Also, if I disable let's encrypt (set it to none), it generates a local certificate, but showing it was generated by and for, while my router is...
  5. B

    Log Errors - LetsEncrypt

    Hey everyone - love this firmware!!!! I'm seeing the following repeatedly in the logs... anything to be concerned about? kernel: acme-client: https://acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/acme/new-authz: bad HTTP: 429 kernel: acme-client: transfer buffer: [{ "type": "urn:acme:error:rateLimited"...