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  1. warlock

    Problem when disabling advertise router

    I turned off advertise router when following mullvads instructions. I was then kicked out of the interface page and I can't get the router login to load at all. It says server not found. Do I have to reset the entire router now? I don't know what else to do.
  2. V

    Locked out of Asus GUI after settings change

    Hi , I'm new to this forum and by no means an IT guru, but looking for some help. Some months ago I set-up a RT-AC68U using the usual recommended settings i.e. renamed router, renamed SSID's, WPA2, new p/w's etc. It has worked perfectly these last 4 months. However the issue I have and I cannot...
  3. L

    HELP! disabled iptv protocol, blocked from net & router gui; how to enable it by SSH?

    I set the IPTV protocol from "MICROSOFT" to "disabled", thinking this only had to to with TV... well now I'm locked out of the internet but I can still SSH into the router; Is there any way I can enable this VIA SSH? Thanks