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  1. Pyrrhus Zaurus

    Diversion dnsmasg log resetting doesn't work on Asus GT-AX11000 Pro

    Hi ! I'm on ASUSWRT-Merlin GT-AX11000_PRO 3004.388.4_0_rog freshly installed on my new router, Diversion 4.3.3 scribe 3.2.0 uiDivStats 3.0.2 uiScribe 1.4.5 Entware aarch64-k3.10 and sshfs installed Everything work as expected except the resetting of dnsmasq log file. 'cru l' shows the job is...
  2. A

    Asus RT-AX86U

    Today's log: https://pastebin.com/B5PsWVkN Getting generally the same output daily. Not fully understanding what I am seeing.
  3. K

    RT-AX88U log—does this mean it has restarted a few times on its own?

    Hi, I'm experiencing degraded internet connection issue, I find something strange in the log, so I want to figure out what that means first. See the attached syslog.txt, the thing I want to focused on is the time stamps. First, as far as I understand that the May 4-5 time stamps are before...
  4. thobux

    no /tmp/syslog - resolved it's back

    <strike>I'm missing it. checked with `ls -la /tmp`. How could I generate it?</strike> now I have them back --- hmmm
  5. J

    How to parse system log?

    I just updated my RT-68P to FW, and I poked around the UI afterwards. I noticed in the system log that most of the IPs were Russian or Chinese(!). But, I'm not sure how to interpret all of the info for a given entry. Can someone explain the pieces to me? E.g.: Jan 3...
  6. D

    RT-AC88U: DHCPRequest via 2.4GHZ Wlan does not work properly (Repeater, DHCP)

    I was searching for a solution of my problem now over one year... Problem: I have a repeater (tried several models, even Asus RP-AC66u, using now a TP-Link RE500): This Repeater was linked with the RT-AC88U on 2.4Ghz Wlan. With Asus-Firmware 380.3341 everything worked fine. Repeater got a...