ls command

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  1. XIII

    Change colors in SSH shell?

    On my Mac and on my Raspberry Pi I can use $LSCOLORS/$LS_COLORS to change the colors of the output of the "ls" command (with bash/zsh). This does not seem to work on my AC86U router (with ash). (How) Can I change colors? (Or are they hard-coded?) (I would like to configure the colors to be...
  2. A

    Produce list of files (Linux ls command help)

    I'm not very familiar with Linux commands and need some help in producing the kind of list I need. My directory structure is as follows: Fagan_NAS_01 (root) Fagan_General (directory) #recycle (directory) list (directory) TossMe (directory) testfile.txt (file) testfile.txt (file) Output...