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  1. D

    Where is the bottleneck? Confused by LAN vs WAN speed discrepancy...

    I have an RT-AX86U on stock firmware with a symmetrical gigabit fiber connection and a 14'' MacBook Pro M1 Max. The MacBook sits about 12' away from the router, unobstructed. macOS reports it is connected via 802.11ax at 1,200 Mbps: Running various online speed tests, I see ~600Mbps...
  2. M

    Macbook pro RTS data rate not belong to AP's basic rate set

    AP advertised its basic rate set as following, don't support 6M: Tag: Supported Rates 12(B), 18, 24, 36, 48, 54, [Mbit/sec] Tag Number: Supported Rates (1) Tag length: 6 Supported Rates: 12(B) (0x98) Supported Rates: 18 (0x24) Supported Rates: 24 (0x30) Supported Rates...