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    quick question about DHCP reservations

    Hey guys, Just a quick question about adding DHCP reservations to ASusWRT. Does it require clicking the apply button to save reservations? I've had routers on both sides of the fence where the DHCP reservation was saved when created, and that's it. Then on the other side, some required you to...
  2. E

    Instructions for using custom configuration openvpn server 380.66_2

    First time using an Asus router. Where would one find the instructions for how to use the custom configuration window on the advanced settings page? A list of available commands would be helpful as well. Many thanks Edward
  3. H

    DHCP Assigning Manual IP

    Hello, I would like to have your help with the below issue. We have an ASUS RT-AC68P with Merlin Firmware v 380.65 at home. As far as I know this problem was not comming up with the ASUS latest oficial firmware. The router has a private network in 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz they are protected with a...