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  1. BlueOrbit

    Smart TV Internet connection - WiFi or LAN (with WiFi bridge)?

    Hello, I recently got a new Samsung Q80T 65 inch TV. It has an 802.11 AC and a LAN port (10/100), disappointing that its not a 1 gig port. I don't have an Ethernet cable available at the location where the TV is placed. Tried running it over 5Ghz WiFi connection and noticed that sometimes it...
  2. S

    Media Briged Clients Not Appearing on Client List (AX88U/AX58U)

    I have an RT-AX88U as my primary router and an RT-AX58U as my media bridge; both are running the latest Merlin firmware (384.17). While the clients connect fine, they do not appear on the RT-AX88U's "client list" which makes port forwarding and other things annoying. Previously, I used an...
  3. M

    Multiple wired clients to WiFi with UniFi kit

    I am in the process of replacing two Asus 87U with UniFi kit and need some help on what to get. I have so far replaced the one attached to the modem with an Untangle box, switch and a UAP-AC-PRO which is running smoothly. I also currently have another 87U upstaris in media bridge mode which I...