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  1. D

    NAS and media player?

    Hi everyone. I’m looking for advice on creating a home media network. my wife needs a way to backup her work (Mac book sync to Dropbox) , and I have Several music libraries on old computers. And photos. Ideally I want the files on Dropbox backed up to the NAS and vice versa.. and photos from...
  2. G

    NSA325 - can not stream video due to no WMP

    Hi, I am having trouble streaming any media files from my NSA325 via the cloud. It says the WMP app is not installed and gives me a link to - - which is a dead page. I've tried contacting support but thats almost impossible. The chat never works, They don't...
  3. J

    Secure Network Media Player Set-Up for N66U? Ebtables?

    I'm about to add a media player device to our SOHO network. The network is based on an RT-N66U running latest AsusWRT/Merlin. For good security (as media players do not have a good reputation in this respect) I propose to connect the media player to a separate Guest wifi network with LAN access...