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  1. A

    ASUS 86U dropping out should I upgrade to Merlin?

    Hi there My ASUS 86U keeps dropping devices off the network and sometimes the whole network drops out. This is occurring daily and I’m about to go nuts. I have also gone from 250down to about 75down. A hard reset usually fixes problem temporarily. Should I upgrade to Merlin to have more...
  2. S

    Network design recommendations

    Gents, ladies (?), oh and gender fluid (did I say that right), I was hoping to pick some of "yawls" brain. I have a partially cabled (cat7) 3000 SQ Ft newish construction house (7 years). My house consists of 2 adults, 1 should be adult, 2 teens, and the twin terrors (7 and 7) year olds. It is...
  3. A

    Setup Port Mirroring/ No option to disable NAT Acceleration on RT-AX88U (Merlin 384.18_0)

    Hi all, I'm a little green so please go easy on me. I'm currently studying for my GCIH and am trying to set up a home lab. At first, I wanted to purchase a network tap but decided it was too expensive so now I am trying to enable port mirroring on my RT-AX88U. 1. Could anyone tell me the...
  4. lindsay alberta

    Firewall settings/rules to stop/prevent TCP/IP stack fingerprinting

    Hey guys I am in now way an expert in this subject, but I have some questions. I want to harden my home network. Right now I have 2 routers. The first is an asus RT-AC3100 running the latest merlin build. From that router I have an asus RT AC-56U running tomato shibby latest build with my...