merlin 380.69

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  1. brambil

    [RT-AC68U 380.69] NFS Export security problem (bug?)

    Good moring to all! I've an RT-AC68U with Merlin 380.69, and a problem with NFS Export. I've SMB configured, with 2 users, and everything is ok. In addiction I've also NFS export, configured in this way: /mnt/NAS rw,sync. In my fstab of (witch is a DHCP-static...
  2. J

    Merlin 380_69 / RT-N66U / USB730L Cellular WAN Connection Problem

    Router: RT-N66U ( ASUSWRT-Merlin Firmware: 380_69 WAN: USB only – Using Verizon USB730L LTE dongle modem (IP address before plugging into router), The dongle is plugged into router USB port, WAN address assigned by Verizon. Connection works immediately after...