merlin 3.84

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    Wifi not vissible on windows 10 after update from 386.3_2 to 386.4

    Hi all, After an enormous amount of time Googling and trying to solve this problem myself I decided to post it here. I tried to update my Asus rt-AX68U from firmware 386.3_2 to 386.4(also tried the recent 388.1) but i am encountering this problem with the main family laptop here. This laptop...
  2. M

    RESOLVED! - VPN Server issues (no wan access after reboot)

    I am having a weird issue openVPN, please someone help. In short, VPN server works just after being turned on, but on reboot nothing works anymore. These are the details: I am trying to set up a VPN server on my RT AC3200 with merlin 384.13_8 Just after I set the VPN on, everything is OK...