merlin 384.5

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    Setting up an ASUS with asuswrt Merlin firmware as Wireless Repeater Bridge for a WiFi network that

    I have a wireless router with wireless networks as physical interface and a virtual interface. I am trying to set up an Asus AC1900 router loaded with Merlin firmware to function as a wireless repeater bridge for the primary router. The Asus router functions well as a repeater for the physical...
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    Wifi performance issue AC68U

    Hi Guys, I haven't found a solution on this forum so far, so I post this question. I have a ac68U router and I'd like to copy data to my nas via wifi. But it is very very slow. My investigation result: - Cable from the wall connected to my pc, shows 1 Gigabit. - Cable to my wifi and a cat5e...

    Novice user unsure of what to do about an issue, any advice welcomed.

    Hi, ASUS RT-AC87U WRT-Merlin 384.5 These "attacks" keep happening, I don't really know what they are trying to accomplish, and I have no idea what do about it. Please see the images. Any advice from people who understand this stiff is welcomed, Thanks for your time :-) These are my...